Action Johnes

The Action Group on Johne’s is an open forum for industry stakeholders interested in tackling Johne’s disease, jointly funded by AHDB Dairy and milk purchasers.

The National Johne’s Management Plan (NJMP) was developed by the Action Group on Johne’s to help manage and then reduce incidence of Johne’s disease in dairy cattle by engaging 80% of milk purchasers and dairy farmers in Great Britain in credible and robust Johne’s management activities.

Phase I of the NJMP, formally started on 1st April 2015, primarily focused on education and engagement.

In February 2017, Phase II of the NJMP was launched. The key component of Phase II will be a system of independent veterinary certification of control activities on farm. Milk purchasers members of the NJMP will require their associated farmers to obtain a signed declaration by a BCVA Johne’s Accredited Veterinary Adviser annually over three years beginning 1st January 2017. The declaration states that the farmer has an appropriate and robust Johne’s management plan in place.

The Action Group on Johne’s believe this approach will deepen farmer and vet engagement, ensure that vets are properly trained and generate external verification of activity on farms.

To date, the Action Johne’s Group has:

  • Retained focus on engaging farmers rather than surveillance
  • Avoided classification of herds by status as likely to disengage infected farmers
  • Provided education of vets and farmers with common messages
  • Engaged all herds not just infected – protect the uninfected herds as well as manage the infected herds
  • Encouraged a strategic approach and developed and endorsed six Johne’s control strategies
  • Ensured risk assessment and management are central to control
  • Supported farm specific solutions based on aspirations, resources, prevalence and risks

RAFT are the communications lead for the Action Group on Johne’s and are also involved in the Technical Advisory Committee. For mor information please visit: