Food Futures

As the world faces challenges in how to avoid food poverty, whilst managing finite resources of water and land, knowing how to produce livestock protein efficiently is at the heart of sustainable production.

As a team including over 30 farm vets, our strengths lie in understanding the challenges farmers face on the ground, knowing the practicalities of animal production and linking these to innovative research solutions.

We offer consultancy services to producer groups, retailers, farmers and the wider industry in the UK, Europe and globally, offering a team approach in specialist skills from pigs to dairy and beef cattle production. We are focused on producing livestock protein efficiently, and work with a network of academics and research institutions to address problems on farm from building design, energy and ventilation, to animal nutrition, behaviour and fertility management.

Members of our team are regular contributors to peer review publications and books on climate changes mitigation, greenhouse gas management and livestock health, welfare and production.

Supported by an experienced operations team, with backgrounds in marketing, project management and business development, we are well placed to work with you and your teams to address these future food challenges.

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