Expertise in sustainable livestock production is at the heart of our business at RAFT Solutions.

RAFT Solutions Ltd was established in 2010 to look for innovative research, advanced breeding and training solutions to the food sustainability questions our farmers, vets and industry colleagues ask. Our team of industry leading vets, technicians and project managers work across the industry to develop innovative research and bring high quality, practical input and advice to help the livestock industry
Expert Clinical Research and Field Trials
We have a formal network of phenotype farms for trial work and sampling across the country in the beef, dairy and pig sectors, working progressive livestock farmers who have been involved in clinical field trials and research programmes for many years and have developed facilities and team structures to support trial work.
Advanced Breeding
Objective, Repeatable, Reliable
An independent semen analysis service for bovine, porcine and equine semen. It offers a novel combination of Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) and Flow Cytometry (FC) together with phase contrast light microscopy by trained technicians, giving an objective, repeatable and reliable semen evaluation
Food Futures
Sustainable Production Consultation
As the world faces challenges in how to avoid food poverty, whilst managing finite resources of water and land, knowing how to produce livestock protein efficiently is at the heart of sustainable production.

As a team including over 30 farm vets, our strengths lie in understanding the challenges farmers face on the ground, knowing the practicalities of animal production and linking these to innovative research solutions.
Practical Farm Based Training
Members of the RAFT team developed and now deliver the highly successful and award-winning FarmSkills programs across the UK. FarmSkills courses are designed to put the farmer first; finding out what you know now and what you’d like to know to improve your business.