Progressive partnerships help build positive breeding results – and our team have been proving this theory for over ten years delivering advanced cattle breeding services to farmers, now across the country.

Our veterinary and embryologist team are dedicated to building progressive partnerships with our farm clients throughout the country, delivering breeding services for cattle and pigs to export standards on farm or at our surgery, which included a fully licensed embryo and semen storage facility.

We have an on-farm high health residential embryo transfer unit near York, enabling us to house and care for your stock during a tailor made programme and high health management system.

Our team of vets and paraprofessional technicians plan complete breeding strategies using advanced herd health management for the solutions to herd reproductive programmes. With our lab facilities we can work with you and your herd to develop milk progesterone testing, semen evaluation and genomics analysis.

Training workshops and seminars can also be arranged looking at all aspects of cattle fertility, including bull fertility and soundness testing.