Practical, farm based training, delivered by vets and industry experts to improve your livestock performance

All our trainers are LANTRA Train the Trainer accredited and courses are DairyPro appointed.

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-DIY AI - Defra accredited

Trainees will be able to discuss the regulations governing AI in the UK and describe the theory of safe semen handling and AI technique. They will be able to carry out correct AI technique using abattoir specimens or models before progressing onto be able to safely perform AI in live cows to DEFRA approved standards.

-Foot Trimming

Trainees will develop knowledge in bovine locomotion, foot anatomy and function. Using this knowledge they will be able to put into practice the Dutch foot trimming method on live cows on farm.

-Mastering Medicines

The workshop aims to increase trainees’ knowledge of safety and good practice as well as outlining the legislative requirements for on farm medicines use. The course also aims to increase trainees’ understanding about the different types of medicines used and how these relate to the common diseases relevant to their farms.

-Preparation for Calving

Trainees will learn how to minimise calving problems by planned management of cows before and during calving.

-Calf Rearing - Birth to Weaning

Trainees will be able to plan and prepare for successful heifer production, building knowledge on all aspects of health and nutrition from birth through to weaning.

-Heifer Rearing - Bulling to First Calving

Trainees will learn about growth and production targets for heifer rearing and will develop knowledge on fertility, nutrition, infectious disease and parasite management in order to plan for successful heifer production.

-Introduction to Bovine Nutrition

Introduction to Bovine Nutrition: anatomy, physiology, metabolism. Trainees will develop knowledge of key nutritional principals which will be linked to practical feeding on farm. This will give attendees the ability to better understand and feeding systems and plans in practice.

-Feeding the High Yielding Dairy Cow

Trainees will be able to describe the principles behind designing and delivering a good diet to high yielding cows.

-Environmental Mastitis

Trainees will develop their understanding of the principle environmental mastitis pathogens, the basic epidemiology of these infections and the key areas of control.

-Mastitis and Milking Routines

Trainees will develop their understanding of how the milking routine has its effects on milking performance and udder health.